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Cognoscenti Marketing Group was started in 2018, incorporated in Singapore. Since we has been supporting partners for local SMEs in the areas of advertising, branding and marketing without burning a hole in the business's pocket. Our core belief is brand Identity, and we want to work with clients bearing the same brand vision.


We found our niche in the Financial Industry and has since shifted our focus to the growing demands of financial practitioner who are looking for opportunities to convert. We support your business operations from customised Ad Campaigns to Ready generated Leads. we  Our Financial services clients include AIA Corporate, Mega agencies representing Prudential, Great Eastern, AXA and PIAS.

Vendor Platforms we are listed on:


1. LTS (Prudential)

2. Ariba (AIA)

3. GeBiz 


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Wendell Ong 


With more than 8 years of Marketing experience and 3 years solely in Lead Generation from Digital Marketing. Wendell has helped SMEs in Singapore achieve at least 30% business growth in as short as 3 months.


Wilson Thong

Technology & Marketing

Former Financial Planner with over 5 years of experience, Wilson has mastered the art of public speaking, seminar selling and leads the marketing team with Identity as the main selling point.

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Lucas Goh


Lucas has over 6 years of experience in the local advertising scene. With a portfolio of over 6 major accounts held over the years and has maintained close relationships with the clients.


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